MEDIA RELEASE - 2021/09/05

Locals vow to fight Russell Vale expansion

In response to Environment Minister Sussan Ley’s decision to approve the Russell Vale coalmine expansion, local groups are preparing to oppose the mine’s plans to reopen.

Members of ‘Stop Russell Vale Mine’ and various groups in the local climate movement have visited the gates of the mine in covid-friendly household groupings to demonstrate opposition to the approval.

“In the wake of the most catastrophic IPCC status report on climate change thus far, Minister Ley’s decision is unconscionable,” said group member Renata Field.

The Russell Vale expansion will generate an extra 11 million tonnes of  greenhouse gas emissions, at a time when we should be transitioning rapidly away from coal. We simply can’t afford to let this project go ahead. It would also result in 34 coal trucks travelling through our residential areas every hour, generating extra noise and pollution,” she said.

Wollongong Coal was under investigation by the Resources Regulator into whether it is ‘fit and proper’ to carry a mining license. “Wollongong Coal is already in debt to the tune of $1bn. This company is a shambles and we don’t trust them.”

The Russell Vale expansion will extract coal deeper under the Illawarra Plateau, further undermining Sydney’s drinking water catchment. ‘Stop Russell Vale Mine’ is preparing to take action, together with a number of local community groups to stop Wollongong Coal’s expansion project.

– Stop Russell Vale Mine